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Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Research

We are seeking motivated candidates for clinical fellowships in multiple sclerosis. Applicants should submit a CV and a description of their research interests to the Director of the Fellowship program, Dr. Emmanuelle Waubant. Applicants may include at least two letters of support and three professional references who may be contacted by us. We typically provide interviews from December through April each year. Suitable candidates will be invited to interview with relevant faculty mentors and will have an opportunity to learn more about the clinical and research environment at UCSF.

Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Training Fellowship: 1-2 years
Fellows will spend time in our comprehensive MS Clinical Center where we provide 5,000 patient visits annually and see 100 new patients every month. This includes the Regional Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis Center, one of only ten clinics in the United States to care for children with MS. The center provides care for patients with MS and other inflammatory disorders of the central nervous system such as neuromyelitis optica, acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, sarcoid and others. Fellows will receive extensive training in clinical evaluations and paraclinical testing related to diagnosis and care of these disorders in a superbly equipped environment that serves a diverse patient population. Fellows also participate in ongoing clinical trials of promising agents for MS. Cases are reviewed and discussed at weekly clinical conferences. Fellows also participate in weekly Fellow Journal Clubs. The goal of this fellowship is to acquire and build skills under the mentorship of leaders in the field, with the goal of launching a career in academic medicine.

Requirements: MD, board certified or board eligible in neurology, pediatric neurology or rheumatology.

Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Research Fellowship: 2-3 years
In the clinical environment described above, fellows will gain expertise in current experimental paradigms, with broad exposure to clinical research methodology, neuroimaging and basic science related to MS. Our extensive research infrastructure includes well characterized patient populations including progressive forms of MS and pediatric MS. There will be a half-day per week curriculum and/or a 3-week mini- course in additional to clinical practice. In addition to clinical activities and participation in clinical trials, fellows may initiate new research or contribute to established research studies, including epidemiological studies and interdisciplinary/extramural collaborations. Fellows are encouraged to take the coursework of the Masters in Clinical Research offered at UCSF. Mentors will guide and assist fellows in the preparation of K-award applications in the third year of the fellowship.

Requirements: MD or MD/PhD, board certified or board eligible in neurology, pediatric neurology or rheumatology.