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MS Research Division

Our multiple sclerosis research group is engaged in numerous basic, clinical, epidemiological and translational studies. This is not a comprehensive list.

MS Genetics Lab - genetics and functional genomics

The Chan Lab - neuronal/glial interactions that control myelination

The Zamvil Laboratory - neuroimmunology

The von Budingen Lab - B cells

The Pleasure Lab - neurogenesis and oligodentritics biology

The Akassoglou Lab - axon immunobiology

The Baranzini Lab - systems biology and bioinformatics

MS Clinical Research
Patients who are evaluated at the MS Center are welcome to participate in clinical trials of experimental therapies or other studies that are designed to help us understand various aspects of the cause and natural history of MS. You will find information on this page for adult and pediatric MS clinical research studies.

MS Research Group

Stephen L. Hauser, MD, Chair of the Department of Neurology (neuroimmunology)
Katerina Akassoglou (axon immunobiology)
Sergio Baranzini (gene expression)
Pierre-Antoine Gourraud (genetics and bioinformatics)
Jonah Chan (oligodendrocyte biology)
Bruce Cree (genetics and NMO)
Douglas Goodin (clinical MS research)
Ari Green (neuro-ophthalmology)
Roland Henry (radiology)
Jorge Oksenberg (genetics)
Sam Pleasure (neurobiology and differentiation)
Christian Von B├╝dingen (neuroimmunology)
Emmanuelle Waubant (pediatric MS)
Scott Zamvil, MD (immunology)