Movement Disorders and Neuromodulation

Movement Disorders and Neuromodulation
Jill Ostrem, MD - Division Chief

Movement Disorders and Neuromodulation Center

New Patients
The UCSF Movement Disorders and Neuromodulation Center is one of the busiest deep brain stimulation implanting centers on the West Coast with a wide referral base. Over 1,500 patients have been implanted with DBS at UCSF.


We have an active clinical research and basic science research program. Highlights:

  • Clinical trial using infusion immunotherapy for Parkinson’s disease (PD) starts soon (Tanner PI).
  • Enrolling clinical trial for novel PD medication in idiopathic and genetic forms of PD (Tanner PI).
  • First cortical stimulation for treatment of PD related mood disorders implanted under IDE approved NIH Study (Starr).
  • New trial of telemedicine in PD palliative care initiated (Galifianakis).Two largest studies of PD telemedicine published recently (Galifianakis, Tanner, Katz).


Ian Bledsoe, MD, MS - Associate Medical Director of the UCSF Movement Disorders and Neuromodulation Clinic
Ethan Brown, MD
Cameron Dietiker, MD
Nicholas Galifianakis, MD, MPH 
Samuel Goldman, MD, MPH
Maya Katz, MD 
Simon Little, MD, PhD
Nijee Luthra, MD, PhD
James Maas, MD, PhD 
Jill Ostrem, MD 
Marta San Luciano, MD, MS 
Andreea Seritan, MD
Caroline Tanner, MD, PhD 
Rafael Zuzuárregui, MD


Amir Badiei, MD
Meredith Bock, MD
Lauren Hammer, MD
Prarthana Prakash, MD
Mai Vuong, MD
Katherine Wong, MD