S. Andrew Josephson, MD - Chair
Carmen Castro Franceschi and Gladyne K. Mitchell Neurohospitalist Distinguished Professor

S. Andrew Josephson, MD
S. Andrew Josephson, MD
Chair, Department of Neurology


Jane Czech, Associate Chair for Finance and Administration
Jane Czech, MS, MBA
Associate Chair for Finance & Administration


Robert Edwards, MD, Vice Chair for Research
Robert Edwards, MD
Vice Chair for Research


Dr. John Engstrom
John Engstrom, MD
Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs


Audrey Foster-Barber, MD - Vice Chair for Education
Audrey Foster-Barber, MD
Vice Chair for Education


Nerissa Ko, MD, Vice Chair for Diversity
Nerissa Ko, MD, MAS
Vice Chair for Diversity


Standing Committe Chairs

Dr. Ying-Hui Fu
Ying-Hui Fu, PhD
Advancements & Promotions


Dr. Wade Smith
Wade Smith, MD, PhD
Advancements & Promotions


Dr. Jill Ostrem
Jill Ostrem, MD


Dr. Winston Chiong
Winston Chiong, MD, PhD


Dr. Mercedes Paredes
Mercedes Paredes, MD, PhD


Cathy Lomen-Hoerth
Cathy Lomen-Hoerth, MD, PhD


Susannah Cornes, MD
Susannah Cornes, MD
Sustainable Teaching INCOST)