Diversity & Outreach Opportunities for Neurology Faculty & Trainees

Opportunities for Fall 2018

SF Oasis for Girls from 10/23-11/20: Contact Marisa McFarlane before 9/14 if you can offer an "observership" on any Tues/Wed/Thurs afternoon(s) from 4:30-6:30 pm.

  • Hosts from neurosurgery include Drs. Jennifer Viner, Omar Flamenco, Manish Aghi, Joseph Osorio (chief resident, Neurosurgery), Caleb Rutledge (resident), Stephen Magill (resident), Philip Theodosopoulos, and faculty from other departments, including Joanna Phillips (Pathology), Theo Nicolaides (Pediatric Neuro Oncology), Kurtis Auguste (Pediatric Neurosurgery) and Jenny Clarke (Neuro Oncology).
  • Several key staff members acted as mentors: Sasha Mortezaei, Chief Administrative Officer for Neurosurgery; Ivy Tom, Finance & HR Analyst for Neurosurgery; Erica Helms, HR Analyst Supervisor; Ann Aldril Ang, Academic Assistant for Neurosurgery.
  • Faculty champions are Drs. Susan Chang and Mitch Berger.

San Francisco Unified School District fall 2018 - spring 2019: The SFUSD Career Technical Education (CTE) Health and Biotech Academies are always looking for job-shadowing opportunities. If you can take a high school student (or two) for a half-day in your laboratory, or if you want your laboratory to be on the spring tour in March 2019, please contact Sarah Corr. 

  • Prior participants include Jesse Garcia Castillo, Maggie Waung, Jill Hollenbach, Odessa Yabut (job shadows); and Mercedes Paredes, Sergio Baranzini,  Elysa Margolis, Michael Wilson, Bill Seeley, Ted Zanto, Nijee Luthra (tours/lectures).

UCSF's Science & Health Education Partnership (SEP)

SEP has several excellent programs that our faculty have participated in, such as the summer Internship Program and the fall Bay Area Science Festival. 

Dr. Jeanne Paz and Dr. Scott Zamvil have hosted interns through the Internship Program. 

Each program has a different start date and other parameters. Read more on the SEP website to find a program that works for you.

 SF Oasis for Girls

Our colleagues in the Department of Neurological Surgery have established a partnership with SF Oasis for Girls that began in 2017. They have hired a full time coordinator, Marisa McFarlane, to coordinate activities for three cohorts per year.

Faculty/postdocs/staff can participate for the whole four weeks, or just a day or two.  If you can offer an activity for these students, please contact Marisa.

UCSF Diversity Hub

The UCSF Office of Diversity & Outreach has a Diversity Hub with over 260 programs. The list is searchable - give it a spin:  https://diversity.ucsf.edu/hub-program/

SEP's programs are listed here, along with many others.