Every subspecialty in Neurology at UCSF has a leader, a vision, and a cadre of faculty who are dedicated to teaching, research and/or clinical care in that area.

Alcohol and Addiction Research Group - Joshua Berke, PhD

Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland (BCH OAK) - Marisa Gardner, MD

Central Administration - Jane Czech, MS, MBA

Child Neurology - Heather Fullerton, MD, MAS

Cognitive Neuroscience/Neuroscape - Adam Gazzaley, MD, PhD

Epilepsy - Vikram Rao, MD, PhD

General Neurology - Maggie Waung, MD, PhD

Headache - Morris Levin, MD

Mechanisms of Neurological Disorders - Robert Edwards, MD

Memory and Aging Center - Bruce Miller, MD

Movement Disorders & Neuromodulation - Jill Ostrem, MD

Neurohospitalist - Vanja Douglas, MD

Neuroimmunology and Glial Biology - Ari Green, MD, MCR

Neuromuscular - Catherine Lomen-Hoerth, MD, PhD

Neurovascular - Wade Smith, MD, PhD

San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center - Karunesh Ganguly, MD, PhD

Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital - Claude Hemphill III, MD, MAS