Audrey Foster-Barber, MD, PhD - Vice Chair for Education

UCSF’s neurology training programs have achieved a breadth, depth and quality that are unexcelled. From the early days of medical school through post-doctoral training, our students are exposed to the most challenging clinical cases, to top-flight research programs, and to some of the most respected neurological scientists and clinicians in the world today.

The Neurology Residency Training Program provides broad-based clinical experience across three hospitals and a tremendous variety of subspecialty areas. Our goal is to produce excellent clinical neurologists capable of providing the highest quality care to patients.

We seek to develop qualities of intellectual honesty, curiosity and inquiry in preparation for lifelong continuing medical education. We seek residents who are sensitive to the rights and dignity of their patients, who are dedicated to medical student teaching, and who respect the roles of all members of the healthcare team. After satisfactory completion of the three-year residency program, residents are eligible to sit for the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology certifying exam. Many of our residents choose to pursue clinical or research fellowship training after completion of the program. We are eager to help our residents obtain suitable positions at UCSF or elsewhere in accord with their interests.

We offer a variety of Fellowship Programs. Postdoctoral trainees can choose from numerous basic and clinical research units. UCSF trainees are well-prepared for careers in basic and clinical research, academia, clinical neurology, public health and policy.

The Neuroscience Graduate Program at UCSF is comprised of quite a diverse group of outstanding faculty from different disciplines and areas of research, including several of our Neurology faculty. Neuroscience students may carry out their thesis studies in any of the over 120 additional labs affiliated with Herbert W. Boyer Program in Biological Sciences (PIBS). PIBS is an umbrella entity comprising five separate graduate programs created to give students access to the broadest possible range of research and to encourage interactions among faculty and students in different disciplines. PIBS sponsors many interdisciplinary activities designed to promote creative and interdisciplinary scientific research.