San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Karunesh Ganguly, MD, PhD - Division Chief

VA Epilepsy Center of Excellence

TBI/Polytrauma Support Clinic – A team of neurologists, neuropsychologists and rehabilitation therapists provides clinical care and community reintegration services for veterans with traumatic brain injuries. The team has an active research program investigating the neuroimaging correlates and behavioral effects of clinical cognitive rehabilitation. Clinical and research post-doctoral training  in neurorehabilitation and neuropsychology is offered by the VA Advanced Fellowship Program through the Office of Academic Affiliations. Contact Gary Yim, Program Assistant, at 415-750-2011 for additional information. 

Parkinson's Disease Research, Education, and Clinical Center (PADRECC)

UCSF Neurology Faculty at the SFVAMC

Liza Ashbrook, MD
Priyanka Chilakamarri, MD
Nicholas Galifianakis, MD
Karunesh Ganguly, MD, PhD, Division Chief
Raquel Gardner, MDco-Director, Memory Disorders Clinic​
Nina Garga, MDDirector, Epilepsy Center of Excellence and Student Clerkship Director
Douglas Goodin, MD
Glenn Graham, MD, PhD
John Hixson, MD
Viktoriya Irodendko, MD, Director, ALS program
Nijee Luthra, MD, PhD
Anthony Mefford, MD
Stephen Massa, MD, PhD
Bruce Ovbiagele, MD, MSc, MAS, MBA, Chief of Staff, VA Health Care System
Karen Parko, MD 
Neel Singhal, MD, PhD
Raymond Swanson, MD
Jose Rafael Zuzuarregui, MDDirector, Parkinson's Disease Research, Education, and Clinical Center​
Seokjoon Won, PhD
Midori Yenari, MDDirector, Stroke Program




Raymond Swanson, MD - (SwansonLab) Studying excitotoxicity and cell response to oxidative stress to identify new treatments for preventing cell death in stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and related disorders.

Karunesh Ganguly, MD, PhD - (GangulyLab) Using systems neuroscience and neural engineering methods to understand the circuits underlying dexterous skilled motor behaviors in both the intact and the injured nervous system. 

Raquel Gardner, MD - Using epidemiological methods to understand the neurobehavioral impact of traumatic brain injury (TBI) on aging civilians and veterans with the goal of improving clinical care and preventing adverse long-term consequences.

John Hixson, MD - Developing and evaluating digital and mobile solutions for improving clinical data capture and management of Veterans with epilepsy and other chronic health conditions.  Implementing proven epilepsy self-management programs in epilepsy patients, using peer-peer support and better health data information to maximize outcomes

Stephen Massa, MD, PhD - Investigation of neurotrophin receptor functions, and discovery and development of therapeutic applications of neurotrophin receptor-modulating agents for treatment of traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer's disease and other neurologic conditions.