Global Teleneurology Service
Supporting communities in delivering neurological care!


The UCSF Global Teleneurology Service (GTS) provides clinician-to-clinician support as part of a program by the University of California, San Francisco Department of Neurology.

By participating in GTS, Consultant Physicians will assist Referring Clinicians through a consult that provides information and recommendation on diagnostic and treatment options for patients under the Referring Clinicians’ care. Consultant Physicians do this at no charge to the Referring Clinician or patient.

The Consultant Physician’s activities are not a substitute for the physician-patient relationship. The Consultant Physician’s activities are not intended to establish a physician-patient relationship. The Referring Clinician maintains his or her role as the patient’s clinician and has full discretion in medical decision-making with the patient. The Referring Clinician will determine which aspects of the advice provided by the Consultant Physician, if any, will be acted upon and will be responsible for all aspects of patient care.


Who are we referring to?

  • A “Consultant Physician” is a neurology specialist who is employed with the UCSF Department of Neurology and who is providing advice to a clinician in a resource-limited area.
  • A “Referring Clinician” is a clinician in a resource-limited area and affiliated with an entity that has an agreement with UCSF to receive GTS consults, who is requesting the advice of a Consultant Physician.