Multiple Sclerosis Research Group

MS Laboratory Research 
This is not a comprehensive list. 

Akassoglou Lab - Neuroimmunology
Baranzini Lab - Microbiome and Bioinformatics
Bove Lab - New strategies and targets to promote neurological recovery, including through digital technologies and hormonal modulation
Chan Lab - Neuronal/glial interactions that control myelination
Fancy Lab - Cellular mechanisms regulating developmental myelination and the remyelination repair process following injury
Green Lab - Biomarkers, vision, remyelination and repair
Henry Lab - Neuroradiology
Hollenbach Lab - Immunogenetics
Oksenberg Lab - MS genetics and functional genomics
Pleasure Lab - Autoantibody associated encephalitis; regeneration and repair in the developing brain
Sabatino Lab - T cells in multiple sclerosis
Wilson Lab - Neuro-infectious diseases and neuroimmunology
Zamvil Lab - Neuroimmunology
Waubant Lab - Clinical Trials and Neuroimmunology