Neuro-Infectious Diseases Clinic
400 Parnassus Avenue, Fifth Floor

San Francisco, CA 94143-0327

Phone: (415) 353-2626

Fax: (415) 353-2568

The Neuro-Infectious Diseases Clinic is dedicated to the care of patients with neurological infections and neurological manifestations of systemic infections. The clinic, staffed by neurologists with subspecialty training in infectious diseases, is located within the UCSF Infectious Diseases Clinic. We care for patients with a wide range of neurological infections, including brain abscesses, neurocysticercosis, neurosyphilis, neuro-HIV and bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic neurologic syndromes (e.g., meningitis, encephalitis and myelitis). 

In addition to neurology, infectious diseases and neuro-infectious diseases consultations, our services include lumbar puncture, referrals for neuroimaging and other neurological diagnostic procedures and coordination of care among relevant subspecialists. The clinic is led by neuro-infectious diseases specialist, Dr. Felicia Chow.

Neuro-Infectious Diseases Clinic Appointment Request

If this is your first visit to the clinic, you will need a referral from your primary care physician or from a specialist. Once you have the referral, please call (415) 353-2626 to request an appointment.

The Neuro-Infectious Diseases Clinic is located within the UCSF Infectious Diseases Clinic. See the Infectious Diseases Clinic website for Information on location and parking.