DEI Champions and DICP Graduates

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Champion Training

This is a one-day training for School of Medicine faculty and staff, focusing on implicit biases and microaggressions, skills coaching to address these issues, and how to apply thoughtful, active listening and empathy to support a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment. Learn more here.

DEI Champions in Neurology

Liza Ashbrook
Alexandra Brown
Winston Chiong
Felicia Chow
Jennifer Clarke
Susannah Cornes
Vanja Douglas
John Engstrom
Audrey Foster-Barber
Catharine Freyer
Heather Fullerton
Paul Garcia
Raquel Gardner
Nina Garga
Rosalie Gearhart
Jeffrey Gelfand
Hannah Glass
Elan Guterman
Manu Hegde
J. Claude Hemphill
S. Andrew Josephson
Niall Kavanagh
Heidi Kirsch
Nerissa Ko
Catherine Lomen-Hoerth
Kailey Mateo
Melinda Matice
Nancy Ann Oberheim-Bush
Mercedes Paredes
Ann Poncelet
Katherine Possin
Nancy  Puckett
Liliana Ramirez Gomez
Megan Richie
Julio Rojas
Nicole Rosendale
William Seeley
Maulik Shah
Tina Shih
Vineeta Singh
Nilika Singhal
Salvatore Spina
Jonathan Strober
Joseph Sullivan
Jennie Taylor
Victor Valcour
Stacey Yamamoto

Diversity and Inclusion Staff Certificate Program

This is a 4-month program with 2.5 hours in-person sessions twice a month and assigned reading and independent learning between sessions. Learn more here.

DICP Graduates in Neurology

Sarah Corr  
Vinith Johnson  
Lani Pettersen